A New Zealand based site dedicated to the spiritualist movement in the United States and around the world.

The objectives of Spirit World Times are firstly to promote and educate on all aspects of spiritualism and secondly to encourage discussion about the concept of spirituality.

Part of our coverage is what our psychics report as messages directly from the universal consciousness.

Our goal is to maintain this as a free site for our readers, so that we can reach out to a wider audience with thought-provoking insights.

Our focus is on the publishing of information and in the promoting of businesses and groups which may include the following specialty areas:

      Spiritualist churches and associated groups
      Psychics and psychic phenomenon
      Astrologists and numerologists
      Paranormal investigators and paranormal activity
      New age retail products e.g. healing crystals, tarot cards, angel cards, meditation CDs, crystal balls, incense sticks, natural aroma therapy oils
      Related academic views including those in the field of parapsychology
      Related scientific and academic research
      Spiritual healers and associated healing products
      New age books and related media material
      The unexplained and the unknown

If you would like to post a comment  and/or an article on this site, you can contact me, Kerry at Email spiritworldtimes@outlook.com

In terms of posting opinions, you do not have to believe, you only need to be interested in the idea that there may be more to life than what we can interpret with our conventional senses.

Those wishing to advertise on our site should also contact Kerry at Email


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