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Hello everyone and welcome to our site.

A lot has happened since Ray and I first launched the site on 30 November 2017.

Once we had the site up and running, I knew at the time that I needed to find willing contributors in the form of psychics, paranormal investigators and parapsychologists, but I had no idea how I would go about it, or even if I could get any interest at all!

But you know, it just all fell into place naturally, as though the sequence of events that followed had already been carefully predetermined.

Around early November, before I had any idea that this site would be created, my good friend and now contributor who we will call “Anonymous”, told me that our local spiritualist church was looking for committee members. At the time, I said: “Sure, why not” and left it at that. Then shortly after the site was launched, Anonymous told me they had scheduled their last spiritualist church service for the year and would I like to go. I thought I might as well.

The service was on that following Sunday morning from 10am, where we sang songs together and said prayers. At 11am I had a quick cup of tea and raced outside to see Steve, who I knew was waiting with Lucy our Cavalier dog. We were about to leave when another friend came out, saw us and beckoned all three of us to come into the church to mingle some more. I got another cup of tea and rested my cup on the table where Belinda, the day’s psychic medium was standing. So I thought I might as well chat with her. I mentioned our new site and she immediately became interested in it. I couldn’t believe her reaction and better still, she gave my information to Desmond Long her close friend, who was also instantly interested. What followed were two casual meetings with them over coffee and we were an instant team of five being: Ray, Steve, Desmond, Belinda and myself, all with a common cause for this new venture!

You can see Belinda’s and Desmond’s profile pages under the “Psychics” key and featured excerpts from Desmond’s book “Beyond” under the “Topic” key.

This was all a huge shot of confidence for me, that many potential contributors would show an interest, in the same way that Belinda and Desmond did. My understanding from the  contributors that have since joined us being psychics: Penny, Carol and our long-time friend Anonymous is simply that this is the first opportunity for them to have a ‘voice
With such an abundant and enthusiastic team of contributors so soon, Ray and I have decided to organize monthly meetings with everyone over dinner, to discuss each new topic for the site, any other subjects of interest and for general cohesion. Our first dinner will be at the end of this month that Ray, Steve and I are really looking forward to.

I see this site as a place for both learning and to contribute views and ideas by people with all levels of knowledge about the spirit world and of the innate sensory skills that we all possess.

I believe that the potential collective knowledge and wisdom that can be conveyed on this site is so important, that the reader should always be able to access it. Consequently, Ray and I have discussed somehow making all relevant and instructive information readily available to readers, by eventually providing links to archive sites, which would constitute Spirit World Times electronic libraries. Knowledge is power and so we want everyone to be empowered with it.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope to be a continued source of knowledge and inspiration for you.

Kindest regards

Spirit World Times

Beyond by Desmond Long 

Over the years, I have read many psychic books in my quest to gain viewpoints on the spirit world, but have never found any of them to be as profound and descriptive as Desmond Long’s book: “Beyond: A Medium’s Journey into the Afterlife”. In short, the book mainly entails scripted discussions between Des and his wife Val following her passing. What has transpired from that, is my idea to feature in the SWT newspaper, revolving topics based on related excerpts from Des’ book.


This topic gives what I believe to be the most significant message from Desmond Long’s book “Beyond”, to today’s modern world. In a nutshell, the view in this book is that the cause of deprivation can be found in the unfair distribution of wealth around the world. “A” is a representative of the spirit world who is now speaking to Desmond.

The related excerpts from Desmond’s book read as follow:

P101 “A: Humanity can destroy its physicality according to how it exercises free will.”

“Des: What do you think is the greatest threat?”

“A: There are many. We are concerned about nuclear weapons but also about other potent weapons.”

“Des: It is tempting to blame extremists for a lot.”

“A: You should know better than that. Poverty causes extremism. Society causes poverty.

“Des: I don’t blame them. I am just tempted.”

“A: If you grievously disadvantage a segment of the population, consume their share of the natural resources, damage their pride, social fabric, independence, health, you force them into survival mode. They no longer have much to lose. They will fight back. You would do the same. Its an adaptive part of human nature that ensures survival.”

“A: Most important, the disadvantaged people are quite unable to alter the situation which gives rise to their resentments. Only the more wealthy nations can do that. But these nations have a remedy. They spend billions on armaments to threaten or compete with one another. They consider terrorists need to be guarded against. Generations of disadvantaged people become more disadvantaged. Extremist ideologies thrive.”

Spirit World Times

Established 30-11-2017

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