What comes up for me first is when a questioner asked the mystic Osho for advice; "I am always in a hurry and wonder if I am going to make it or not"- a common westener problem!
In my experience; time can depend on whether you believe in past lives or not and also what do you value as "success". As a Christian or western society, we may have grown up with the adages of "There is only one life so you better make it count!". I used to be the most ambitious person EVER and obsessed with success. Guess what all this pushing against the flows of life did for me- nothing but damage, heart ache and "mistakes".
Other cultures believe that we have many lives and there is no hurry. Such cultures may put more importance on living life very simply and moving at a relaxed pace. Although such places may not be the best place to live if punctuality of business service or stringent work productivity is important to you!
These days, I have learnt to find the balance between the two extremes. Past lives/ future lives is not something I personally focus on. I have spent so much of my life in darkness that, from now on, I have the greatest intention to enjoy every minute of life. My priorities have changed of what "success" looks like.
My dream life would be one where I could experience relaxation to my absolute fullest capacity. Every muscle in my body experiencing the total let-go of tension and feeling the union with the earth. And to be honest- this is the type of space where psychic guidance comes through. At the beginning of most of my readings I help the client to relax as it is almost impossible to connect with gentle subtleness of guidance when we are stressed and overly busy.
I feel shattered of illusions on a professional level and don't have any worldly ambitions right now. I dream to enjoy more "timeless" spaces lost in nature, art, beauty, travel and spending time with meaningful connections.
Yet I know that it is important for me to have some sort of mission in life to keep me focused so I remain mentally sharp and don't become lethargic. I would love to create some positive change in the world yet am not obsessed by it. If I have all the money I needed never to work again and could choose between a slow paced life or a very busy one I would choose the slow paced one for sure- for my healing and continuous psychic development. The great ideas which blossom from gentleness and reflection are always alot more solid and profound than if I were to rush and push my way to the top.

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