Penny:  My Contribution to the “Time” Topic.

Indeed, in my experience and logic, time does not exist in the world of spirit.  However, I think the writer is correct in that spirits come through at times in readings, acknowledging loved-one’s birthdays or to tell me a month, perhaps indicative of the month they passed, or to draw attention to an event to come, or that might of recently happened. 

When I give a reading, I see time as energy (perhaps as a spirit person who has passed away might) and I might say to a client something like: "Did this person pass more than 20 years ago or within the last 3 months?"

My understanding of the spirit world’s concept of time is purely so that they can communicate with us in the living world. Spirits do this because they have a memory of time and an understanding of earth time from when they were alive. 

Prior to and during one of my readings, a spirit would typically use their own memory as to times and dates for significant events for the living. They would at the same time tune into the minds of their loved ones and they would also tune into the mind of me, the reader to give them a frame of reference as to where we are at in terms of the current time, day and year.  So this is my understanding of how spirit can communicate to me times and dates of events going on in the living world. For me, the way they show me may be with a feeling, through words in my head, or with  visuals of say the number ‘two’ (on a good day lol). 

Something I learned a long time ago is that TIME is not linear. It is circular. Therefore, all realities exist simultaneously! So when we refer to 'past lives' I try to use the term "other lives", because reality in terms of time, is not sequential, its multidimensional and simultaneous. This is why remote viewers can go to the past, future or the present. Fascinating.  Also, the interdimensional beings in the universe out there can time travel. A journey from the Pleiades (the star system) to earth, would take them about 8 hours using their time travel, interdimensional technology, but in our 3D world here it would take us 20,000 years perhaps. 

Time was something we created here to keep order. Once you get your head around the ‘no time’ concept, people would be able to open their minds more and understand the infinite possibilities in communicating with spirit and non-earth beings.

As well as my own direct experience, there is a specific book that helped me understand everything I stated in relation to this ‘time’ topic, which is called: “The education of Oversoul Seven” by Jane Roberts.

Spirit World Times

Established 30-11-2017

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