2nd April 2018   Darkness

Hello and Greetings.

We in spirit love all beings, not just the good but we also love the not so good, the so called “bad” or “evil”.  We want you to understand that God doesn't judge you for your free will choices.  God gave you free will and will not punish you for that.  Do what you want.  You still reach heaven.

There are however consequences for your actions.  Like attracts like you will draw darkness to you if you continue to act that way.  To move think and be with love you will find great happiness.  Dark actions lead to suffering and pain.  You wont be punished for sure but your world will be dark and ignorant.  You will destroy your life force choosing to be dark.

We want you to know darkness is also a blessing in this world.  It allows you to shine very bright amongst the shadows, like stars in night fall.  We love all of you. Don't take the darkness seriously know its not who you are underneath it all.  You are all born light beings, prefect simply beautiful. Till the world teaches you differently, you change into feeling much less than whole and completely perfect beings.

So don't curse the dark you were taught that way by a crazy world.  You were taught to be less and mean to others.  You were born pure and innocent.  That is why you are loved so much, because we know the truth of who you are, prefect God beings. 

We love you and leave you with these thoughts. Make use of the darkness to shine brighter than ever. Don't curse to darkness its a free will choice.  Be a light and be brave.  Forgive and let go. And know you a pure energy being first before you are human.

Love you


Spirit World Times

Established 30-11-2017

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