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On Emotions.

When it comes to emotions, for a paranormal investigator we have always felt that they can be both a wonderful tool and a major hindrance. For example, how you feel pulling up to an investigation should tell you whether or not you should proceed with that investigation for the night.

 Depending on the location, and whether you're paid to be in there, can seriously put a damper on the night. An example of this, and a time when we ignored our instincts, many years ago Ghosthunter Dan and I investigated a small town church and the neighboring graveyard.

 People who are attending this church everyday have never had a problem, people driving past the church/graveyard have never made a complaint about paranormal activity..

However; the night we go out there to investigate the grounds Ghosthunter Dan experiences extreme uneasiness, the feeling of being watched, and a heaviness that should have told us to leave the area immediately.

Having this uneasy feeling, Ghosthunter Dan opted to stay in the driveway by the vehicle while myself and another investigator approached the church. According to Dan, the closer we got to the church the stronger these feelings came onto him.

By the time he was feeling nauseous, myself and this other investigator had our own experience that caused me to end the investigation right then and there. As we were taking photos around the church building on the outside, I look up into the church window and I feel as if something is burning a hole right through me.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, Dan was experiencing this same feeling and while he decided to push through with the investigation I chose to end it right then and there.

Perhaps being closer to the building gave me a stronger feeling of unease, we're not sure, but before leaving I snapped a picture of the window that the uneasy feeling was coming from.

Low and behold, in the vehicle returning home we were able to make out two spirits who were staring intensely at us in the photograph.

Unfortunately, a short time later we found out that because Dan has felt uneasy and ignored it before getting there, he ended up getting a negative attachment from that building that required cleansing from a few friends of ours (it was too strong for us to handle at the time).

So to wrap the example up, there are situations where your body is in tune with things your mind isn't capable of understanding. There are times when your body knows that it is in serious danger, whether your mind wants to accept that or not. For a paranormal investigator, you need to follow that instinctual fight or flight feeling and leave if things just don't feel right.

This can also include an intense fear felt on a location, if for any reason you don't feel comfortable being there you have to listen to your feelings.

Now there are other times when your instincts and emotions can help you on an investigation. There are certain haunted locations that seem to manifest a feeling when you're in the vicinity, and these feelings can sometimes be picked up by investigators.

There was a time we were investigating a cemetery on a clear beautiful night. Neither of us were feeling despondent or upset; however, when we started the EVP session all of a sudden a wave of emotion came over me.

Acknowledging the emotional change, we documented it, continued to ask questions, and after a minute or two it went away.

After the EVP session ended, we contacted a medium we frequently use and they informed us that the spirit we were communicating with was able to use my own emotions to manifest how they were feeling.

By acknowledging the emotional change I experienced instead of discrediting it, we were able to listen to that spirit, ask her the right questions, and eventually move her on.
When it comes to emotions and the paranormal, really they go hand in hand and will always in some way be a part of your investigation.

How you interpret those emotions or instincts, and how you act upon them is the result of patience, experience, and of course a little luck.


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