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In American author, Elisa Medhus’ book: “My Life After Death: A Memoir From Heaven”, apart from  topic “1.”, it entails scripted accounts from Elisa’s son Erik Medhus following his passing, via Jamie Butler, Erik’s spirit translator.

By using excerpts from Elisa’ book that are listed below, we select a current topic for discussion about the afterlife and the physical (earth) by our SWT team members and by you, the readers. In fact, we would welcome your comments via email to us, at any time and on any content from our site.

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P81 Para 4: Whenever I start to think with my head, she says, “Erik, focus on your heart. Look at what you’re trying to process as emotions, not thoughts. Every experience comes from an emotional place. Emotions create the thoughts, and thoughts create experiences…Everything starts from the heart. Everything starts with a feeling.” …Listen to your heart because it knows what it’s talking about.


1.SUICIDE IS NEVER THE ANSWER  (An Introductory Note by Elisa Medhus MD)
P VII Having lost my son to suicide, I would hate to see anyone go through the same pain that I had to and still, to some degree, endure. If you suffer from depression and have any thoughts of suicide, please seek the help of a mental health professional and rely on the support of all those in your life who care for you and can help you. If you are contemplating suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, and remember that suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem.


P75 Para 2: You can learn from joy or pain—frequently both. Some learn compassion by being exposed to terrible hardship, and others learn it from being exposed to nothing but joy and ease. Some never learn from life’s experiences at all until they’re done living. I guess I was a little bit like that. I’m glad I now have this opportunity to give back some of what I’ve learned, though.


P80 Para 3: My therapy with (spirit) Cawli caused me to have a lot of epiphanies. One of the biggest was that I’m an amazing person and I have a really big heart. I think that when you’re on Earth, living your human life, revelations like that are sometimes viewed as self-centered or egotistical. No, man, love yourself! I wish I had been able to tell myself, “Dude, you’re fucking awesome!” more when I was alive.


P80 Para 3: (Spirit) Cawli told me that I was more in control of myself than I’d ever imagined when I was a human. My bipolar disease made me feel like I wasn’t in control when I really was, but now I know that even that was my choice. I wasn’t some pawn on a chessboard. I was in control the whole time.


P80 Para 4: In all our conversations, (Spirit) Cawli never used words like “hardship” or “struggle.” By showing that my soul had picked to live the life I did as Erik for a reason, she reminded me that there is no right or wrong. Everything is just a lesson—one that, even after death, I’m still learning.


P81 Para 4: Whenever I start to think with my head, she says, “Erik, focus on your heart. Look at what you’re trying to process as emotions, not thoughts. Every experience comes from an emotional place. Emotions create the thoughts, and thoughts create experiences…Everything starts from the heart. Everything starts with a feeling.” …Listen to your heart because it knows what it’s talking about.


P85 Para 3: When it comes right down to it, I think that the biggest shift in my perspective once I became a spirit was the realization that a lot of the pain I suffered when I was alive was a result of not listening to my heart and my emotions and letting my brain run away with itself. As soon as I was able to think with my heart instead of my head, I got it. I even understood the true nature of suffering. I understood that suffering is caused by resisting what you’re struggling against or stamping it down or ignoring it.

P110 Para 2: As a human, you often feel like there’s never enough time. Then there are moments when you feel that time drags on forever, especially when you’re going through something that sucks. That’s because you’re giving time more power, attention, and energy than you give your own personal needs. You’re letting time rule your choices instead of making those choices yourself. For example, look at people who are really good at prioritizing their needs and overall well-being, and then ask them about their concept of time. I’ll bet that, yes, they look at their watch to make sure they make it to that three o’clock meeting, but they also don’t let it control or ruin their whole day.


P114 Para 3: Let’s say, as a human, you’re happy and you don’t even know why. It’s not like you were thinking about something nice; you just suddenly get struck by a wave of joy. If you find yourself thinking, “Hmmm, where did that come from?” wonder no more: that’s your spirit guide sending you love and support, and you’re slowing down enough to feel it in that moment.


P120 Para 3: No matter if you’re in a forest or by the sea, scampering across sand dunes, or climbing a snow-covered mountain, nature helps you get grounded. Everybody, go hug a tree. Walk barefoot in the grass. Look at the night sky. Seriously! Nature on Earth is extraordinary, man. Appreciate it.


P124 Para 1: What I learned from working with humans is that when they feel stuck in any situation, whether it’s a job, a relationship, poor health, or whatever, is that if they don’t like it and they feel stuck, then it’s up to them to change it…People usually get stuck because they allow themselves to get mired deep down in ruts partially of their own making...What I mean is, even if you’re stuck in a shitty situation, job, whatever, push yourself or find the support to find the things that will bring you joy and help you make progress toward something better.


P129 Para 4: Spirit guides are instructional. We’re teachers. We can suggest but not create change in a human’s life; while angels intervene when called upon. Guardian angels intervene whether you ask them to or not, and archangels usually, but not always, work on a larger scale by creating whatever balance humanity needs.


P132 Para 2: God doesn’t have a gender. It’s not male or female, but I’m going to refer to her as She because if I had to say, the voice I heard was more like a woman’s. It was very loving, very caring.
Para 4: In that “meeting,” I learned that God is the energy that creates and connects everything. She’s like a collective consciousness that’s coming from everywhere. She’s All That Is, and I feel a strong connection to Her.


P136 Para 2: Let’s say you humans are trying to figure out how to clean up an oil slick. You wouldn’t call in, I don’t know, the inventor of Jell-O, right? Earth people wouldn’t do it that way. They’d only call in oil slick experts, but over here, we’re like, “Hell yeah, call in the Jell-O guy. Call in all the beings who can think about this problem from a different, outside-the-box perspective so we can see what they can contribute and maybe what we’re missing.


P137 Para 3: I always thought Heaven was separate from the earthly plane, but now I know that it’s just one of an infinite number of dimensions, and all these dimensions aren’t stacked; they’re swirled together with each other, including the earthly dimension. So it’s not like Heaven is above the Earth, like I used to think. I just had to conceptualize it that way because the human mind likes to separate, sort, compare, categorize, and organize stuff. I know lots of religions go with the whole “Heaven’s up there in the sky somewhere” thing, but it’s really more like all around us.


P138 Para 2: Anyway, sometimes another spirit might tell me about a dimension I didn’t know about. It’s not a conversation of words and sentences or a lecture. Instead the communication and education is sent on many levels: to my head, to my heart, to my entire energetic body. It’s like an instant spirit-to-spirit download, and all the information gets transferred directly and completely.


P140 Para 2: Communication between humans and spirits isn’t . . . what’s that phrase I heard one time? An exact science? Yeah, that’s right. Sometimes everything lines up and the floodgates open and it’s super easy, and sometimes the energy’s not right. It’s all about them—humans, I mean—being in the right emotional place. We’re emotional beings, spirits and humans alike. Our emotions are made up of energy, so humans have to be in that emotionally aware and open space to make it easier to communicate with spirits. It takes being more open and emotionally vulnerable…I mean “vulnerable” in a way that you have the courage to be emotionally open and honest. When you’re in that state, it’s easier for us to step closer to you and communicate. By “communicate,” I mean whatever is best for you—hearing, seeing, dreaming, whatever form that’s easiest for us to connect.


P146 Para 2: The way I give them (humans) messages is pretty cool, …I just stand next to them and send them energy. It’s almost like sending a subliminal message that goes straight to their head. Their senses are not consciously registering that they’re receiving the message. They don’t hear or see anything, but their brain is processing it. That’s how spirit communication works, and it’s funny because after I send ideas into their head like, “Go to the computer. Search the internet, and use these keywords to find my mom’s blog,” they find what they need and think it’s some bright idea they had on their own.


P148 Para 2: Guides can influence humans but not control them. A guide is both hands-on and hands-off, and it’s important to know which tactic to use in each situation. Humans sometimes need to learn how to figure things out for themselves, and a good guide makes them aware of how to do it.


P164 Para 3: EVP stands for electronic voice phenomena, phenomena, and it’s a great way for spirits to communicate with the loved ones we leave behind…How do I do it? I just interact with the electrical energy to leave an imprint of my voice. It’s kind of like a dance, and the dance leaves an impression. It’s like leaving a fingerprint on a glass but it’s a digital imprint, not a voice one.


P171 Para 2: Usually when I’m in my house on the earthly plane where my energy frequency is higher than my mom’s, she can’t see me. My energy vibrates at a level above where humans can see things, but because her state of mind was the way it was for so long after I died, we could only meet each other halfway. It’s fucking hard for spirits to slow down enough to reach people who are grieving because they vibrate at the bottom of the visible part of the energy spectrum. This is why people use terms like, “I’m depressed,” “I’m feeling low,” or “I’m feeling down.”


P181 Para 2: When I help a person’s life, not only am I proud of the work I’ve done but I’m also proud of them for fighting. I’m proud of them for accepting my help and taking it to the point where they turn the corner to save themselves. In every teacher-student relationship, things don’t just flow in one direction. It’s not just me who knows all and fixes things for them. I can know all and give direction, sure, but they have to follow those directions and make of them what they will. They have to own it. They have to do the work. They have to fight for it.


P181 Para 2: I encourage people to ride the roller coaster of life for as long as they can, because it’s so special to be alive as a human. The experiences and the beauty and the connections your soul needs to evolve and thrive are all made on Earth, and you carry those with you into the afterlife.


P184 Para 3: Another thing that’s been really groundbreaking for me is learning that separation is an illusion…The next time you get that feeling of separation and loneliness, go outside and look up at the stars. Try to remember that, even though it feels like you’re alone—especially if you’ve lost someone you love—you’re a part of the fabric of the universe and so are they, and you’re both connected to everything that ever was, is, and will be. We’re here watching over you, and if you need us, get in touch. Reach out. Join an online community or a support group or just talk to your angels or guides in whatever way that you feel is most authentic. We’re here to listen, man. You’re not alone.


P185 Para 2: We spirits don’t see global issues like the unrest in the Middle East and hunger and disease and stuff like that as a bad thing. That sounds really cold and heartless, but remember, “good” and “bad” don’t really exist on the spirit level. It’s all part of an ongoing process of evolution. Suffering and conflict make people aware of what they want and don’t want. It helps them choose what creates suffering and what alleviates it, what serves them and what doesn’t. As spirits, we kind of watch everything play out on the world stage from the wings, but we’re also slowly finding our voice again to bring about a global awareness of human suffering.

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