Team Paranormal Solutions VA

We are a team made up individuals who respect both the seen and unseen. Each case is unique. Assessing starts with that first contact with the client whether it a phone call or an email. Upon the initial visit baseline readings both scientifically and metaphysically.

Once validations are made we then put together a specific plan to rid the home and or individual of the issue.

Recommendations are also made for the client to maintain a positive spiritual living environment.

Our services include spirit removal, demon removal, curse removal, house blessings, house cleansings and, religious deliverances.

Team Paranormal Solutions VA is also available to help other paranormal teams who may encounter demonic or negative entities during their investigations. There are times, we meet children who possess special, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities.

TPSVA is able to work with these children and their families to help them better understand and learn how to safely use their gifts.


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Established 30-11-2017

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