15 June 2017      You are Not Who You Think You Are

Hello everyone.

We in spirit love you very very much. We come to you from love, your very essence of your soul.  You are love in a human body, in human form and shape.  You’re not who you think you are. You think you are what you do and what you have. But love is your only true essence, the you of you.  Deep down you’re not frightened of anything, you’re not threatened with anything or anyone.  Deep down you are pure and innocent and God’s favourite kind of being.  God loves you all as we love you.  You are not who you think you are.

We in spirit see you struggle with it all. Life has become very difficult, hard going, sad and depressing struggle with it all.  You’re not a stressed being underneath you’re calm and beautiful how you were made to be.  You’re full of light and love, you don't hate or condemn, you just are. One with the whole. 

You need to get back in touch with the real you, to stop the struggling and suffering.  Know you are a God being before you are a human being.  You’re all very bright and gifted.  You have many talents, but you are not your talents, they’re tools you use.
We love you all so so much. You have no concept of what it is like to be unconditionally loved without judgement or expectation, without fear being sized up.  You’re so much better than you all give yourselves credit for. We tend to put ourselves down a lot.  Who are we comparing ourselves to?  Young people on TV? People who have fame and money and so-called beauty? Einstein? How clever are you?  You don't need to be so-called clever.  To whom are you judging yourself?  Other people are not your concern. Let them be who they choose to be.  It’s nothing to do with you. You are your own divinity your own greatness.
We all seem to fear looking old or getting old. Why? You’re still God in a human body that is impermanent. Why judge yourself? The young will be where you are soon enough.  Youth is temporary so why rail against it. You’re still beautiful being with more wisdom and experience. You can help the young.  But don't wish your life away to look younger.  God doesn't make mistakes, you’re designed to go home soon.  So why fight it.  Grey hair and wrinkles give character. Stop judging yourself and let go.  The youth need your help.  But don't wish to be them.  You need to come home soon and remember who you really are, not stay on earth forever and ever not seeing yourself as God.  And striving to be like the TV.  

So keep going forth in your life.  Bless your looks you are the wise one of society the beautiful crones of wise begins of the earth.  Don’t fight to be what you are naturally not.  Let yourself be.  You are all God’s children.
So be it Amen     Spirit.

Spirit World Times

Established 30-11-2017

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