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Established 30-11-2017

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Hi, my name is Carol and I am an Irish Psychic Reader and Healer currently based in Auckland.

All my life I have felt quite "different", meaning that I was certainly not the coolest kid in school or the most sociable, but exceptionally talented and passionate with art and music.

I was quite sick with asthma as a child, but honestly loved to stay at home all day creating artwork, playing instruments and winning competitions.

Unfortunately, when it came to social situations, I really struggled and got quite bullied in school for being "too quiet". At one stage I used to pretend I was going to a doctor's appointment when going to ceremonies to win art competitions, as I was getting bullied for "winning too many art competitions". For the same reason, I used to use a fake name for when my artwork would be shown on the TV.

By the time I was around 16, my anxiety around "not fitting in" was getting so intense that I quit the concert band I was in, stopped doing art (also with the pressure of homework and subsequent leaving school) and spent the next few years numbing myself with alcohol and over-eating.

Only years later, I realised that I love living a gentle life with like-minded people. My psychic guidance, creativity and healing comes from silence, connecting with nature and being in touch with very subtle realms which are not attainable when there is loud noise or talking.

My 20's have been quite unusual, as I dived 100% into an intense spiritual journey of meditation, healing and psychic development.  For 4 years, I lived mainly disconnected from society in Australian forests in meditation communities. What may sound like an easy few years was actually extremely challenging and pushing me to my edges of exploring my triggers and belief systems.

Through living in inspiring bush surroundings, I had been learning tarot for a few years while at the same time, enhancing my psychic abilities. I noticed that I had feelings about certain people and situations and had specific clairvoyant visions. I was always right, even if the truth took some time to unfold!

Then came a time where I felt compelled to offer readings as a business, beyond friends and people I already knew. My work is going through a time of transformation where in my sessions, I am merging my passions of psychic readings, healings and psychic development support.

Here are some commonly asked questions of me, that I have responded to.

1. Do you receive information through your third eye?

I do receive some specific clairvoyant visions. For example, most recently in my own personal life, I knew that I would move to Auckland, what my new partner looked like months before I met him, quite specific activities we would do and people we would be surrounded by.

At the time, I was living in Australia with arrangements to move to Wellington, so there was no way any of this logically made sense (but all has come true now with friends as witnesses of me saying all this months before!). Yet as I explain below, I find clairsentience more of a reliable source of guidance.

There are always multiple possibilities with every decision and a vision is only indicating one of them. Sometimes people get too hung up on the specifics of a psychic reading and can create more of a mess in their lives if an exact vision does not come true.

For example, when I was still in Wellington, I wrote to my partner saying: "I see a vision of a cabin in the bush". He responded: "Oh my god, I JUST got an email about a cabin in the bush which is available".

However, we decided not to move into this cabin and upon discussion, decided on more urban surroundings instead. I believe that seekers are often looking for a dazzling clairvoyant vision type reading. However in my experience, I have yet to find such a reading to come true in its entirety, as there are always too many influencing factors in the mix. We also have the power to influence our future and create positive change.

2. Are you clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient and what are you experiencing?

While I do not put any label on what I do, my main psychic gift would be clairsentience or claircognizance. I "just know". I also find these to be the most reliable of ‘clairs’ as vision type information can be misinterpreted more easily. Clairsentience to me is that inner "Yes" or "No" in relation to situations and people.

It's like the mainstream description of a "gut feeling", yet for me it is more like a jolt in the heart. I just know whether a situation or person is in line with what the querent is looking for. Clairsentience for me requires a lot of grounding, calming and silencing of the mind, to distinguish from anxieties and fear-based thoughts. I can tell if a person is trustworthy long before their behaviour might display this.

So often I might come across as mean, but I am accessing different information which is free from personal judgements or agendas. Sometimes a person may be very excited about a new business idea and I just know that it won't work out in the way they expect (i.e. some ideas need to be tweaked). Or visa-versa, it is quite common that people are too hard on themselves and not acknowledging the gifts and talents they have.

3. Can you astral travel?

Yes I astral travel, but my main area of interest is actually to help people ground their spiritual experiences into normal life. I don't care too much for fleeting spiritual experiences, in comparison to living my whole life with more beauty and more connection to spirit. Always I feel connected with my spirit team but embracing my mundane life to the full.

4. Do you have spirit guides?

Yes I have spirit guides.

5. Do you connect with angels?


6. What is your understanding of God?

My understanding of God would be synonymous to perhaps Mother Nature and The Universe. Living life on a "higher" and very beautiful dimension, beyond logical understanding.