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Kiayanna Love Psychic 11.8.18

My name is Kiayanna & I was born with Divine spiritual gifts and a heightened perception of spirit and Angels. I am a star seed, empath, psychic medium, and Reiki Master/teacher who is closely connected to the Angelic Realm. Angels are always around me wherever I go; Angels love to communicate through me in my readings and healings.

I am a crystal adult (older generation of the crystal children) and as a crystal, I absolutely love and am drawn to crystals and gemstones. I use them in every healing and psychic reading; I also make gem waters to assist with certain ailments. I love spending hours at gem shows and gem shops.

I offer services that include energetic healings: Reiki and Angelic/cellular healings. These all-natural, energy healing methods align and repair your chakras and aura, and work on all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual & ethereal. I'm merely a vessel which Divine healings are possible by working together with Angels and spirit, including my healing master.

I provide psychic readings in which I connect with the Angelic Realm and spirit during Angel, Mediumship and Akashic Record (past-life) readings.

Communicating with animals is a gift I was born with as an empath, including animals here and pets whom have crossed over; I just love when your beloved pets come through during a reading!

Every psychic reading comes with an oracle card reading, which wraps up your conversation with Heaven.

I teach spiritual classes all about Angels, and crystal classes including Gem waters.

I also offer spiritual counselling for those who are just waking up or want to be more spiritual and just don’t know where to begin.

I wear many hats and have many gifts, but healing is my first priority.

Twitter: @KiayannaLove

Contact: 001(657) 549-1413


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