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I am Maria McDonald from Virginia, USA. I am a psychic medium and empath. I am the co-lead in a paranormal group. I have been a psychic medium professionally for about 3 years. I have been able to help other paranormal teams with their investigations by "reading" photographs.

My greatest skill is to be able to connect with those who have passed on, understand why they are at a location and/or attached to a person or a particular place. I have achieved great success giving validation to both the living and deceased. I understand the differences between different types of energy, spirits, and ghosts.

I have the utmost respect for those who have passed. I honestly believe this is why I am successful in these situations. There are times when the negative energy of the living has created an entity that is negative thus what one would call a "shadow person". These cases can be a little confusing. But honest open communication with the living and the deceased can sort out how this negative entity was created and possibly might have been a living person at one time. Each case is different.

When validation is made, I will conduct prayers of deliverance and my co-lead with close portals or create a banishing ritual as I recite the prayers. Again, depending on the level of negativity, we are prepared to deal with whatever comes through.

We also back up our validation with scientific methods such as digital recorders, IR cameras, REM pod, K2 meter, Mel meter, Ovilus5 and IR digital still cameras.

We simply do not investigate to "stir up" the deceased and leave. We investigate, validate and offer solutions. The process starts with a simple phone call or email from the client and ends when the client is at peace.

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