Penny Taylor: Extra-terrestrial Beings

My first extra-terrestrial contact (that I am consciously aware of that is) was via a photo that was taken of me in the early 90's.  When the photo was developed it was bought to me by the girl who took it, she was terrified by the 'cat-like grey monster' sitting next to me in the photo!! Sadly, I have lost this photo somewhere, but it clearly showed a small short, being next to me, clear face, eyes, slit mouth, no ears visible, luminous greyish blue white skin and long thin hands.  Strangely, the day it was taken I was sitting reading about Lyran beings! I am not sure where this being would have been from, maybe an Arcturian being I feel.
Not long after this, I was astral travelling in the sleep state.  Now as it often is with me when out of body, I 'find' myself 'somewhere' and whilst I do not recall how I got there, I am fully aware I am OUT.  I found myself looking out of a large circle-shaped window, into endless darkness.  Little lights were everywhere, glowing like shining coloured diamond orbs.  I felt a presence to my left and saw what I recognised as a very familiar male man.  (I have NO idea who this man is now, other than I know his name is Khan).  He looked at me and asked me telepathically (no words were spoken verbally but I could hear him clearly in my mind) "Are you ready?" I told him yes I was, although what for I didn't know.  I stood and felt the expansiveness of my entire being, my whole totality.

I guess what I experienced was my SOUL, my ALL THAT IS.  I was compelled to sit down and as I did, we suddenly began to travel at warp speed, very much like on the telly!! Star Trek or something? I could feel every cell in my body vibrating at a high frequency, fizzing in an almost pleasant way.  As quick as that began it was over, and we resumed normal speed.  I looked out the large window and saw that one of the glowing lights/stars I had been admiring, was EARTH.  Bluey green, silver and white, glowing with the most greenest aura.  I looked up at the man who had bought me here and I began to cry.  The love I felt for Earth was incredible, overwhelming. I have since come to realise the being I was experiencing as myself is in fact a parallel reality of me.  I did meditation on the experience and found that her name is ZITAH (Zee-tah) a being incarnate elsewhere in the universe, Andromeda to be exact, so she says.
I became aware of a slight sad feeling as 3 little beings, about 3.5ft tall surrounded me (they came up to my waist in the form I was holding at the time), and they all put their little arms around me and hugged me close.....”Penny??? Penny!!!!!!” I could hear a man’s voice calling this name, I didn't know who Penny was, no idea. He called again and again and I felt a thought come to mind that I knew his voice, ahhhh yes Herb (my then partner). Oh yeah I remember him, and with that very thought I felt as if my entire body was being sucked backwards through a very long tube!!! I awoke in this body here, sitting bolt upright! There was Herb, asking me: "Where have you been? I have been trying to wake you for over half an hour!!" I told him "Herb I think I just got back in from being out on a spacecraft." "Yeah okay Penny, you are fucking mad! Do you wanna cup of tea of what?" And we left it there :-)
Approximately a year after that, I used to have strange inclinations to suddenly go outside and look up.  Even the words would echo directly into my mind.  I saw several unexplained lights in the sky often.  One evening my then partner’s sister, my friend Johanna, was with me.  I said to her "Hey we have to go outside out the front NOW." We darted outside and looked up and directly over our heads, about 200ft above us, was a large triangle of lights, a golden colour, marking each point, longer at one end and we could faintly hear a soft whirring noise. As we looked up, the lights suddenly became clear and we realised it was a complete triangle craft, dark in colour (exterior).  We were so shocked, amazed and intrigued, I swear our knees turned to jelly! We laughed and grabbed onto to each other making OMG exclamations! It began to move at that point, then suddenly BAM it was gone from sight, as if gone from this dimension altogether.
Not long after this, likely the same year, two friends (Liz and Michael) and I were meditating in a grove of trees out in one of the back paddocks near my house at the time.  We had constructed a small stone circle complete with candles and offerings from all the elements.  We managed to calm the wind within the circle, but outside of the trees there was still a strong consistent breeze, quite incredible to feel our sacred Mother so close to us at that time.  Many little critters had gathered close, rabbits, possums, moreporks (native NZ owls), plus my cats!! They did not try to enter the circle in which we sat however. We were all feeling very grounded and bathed in Gaia's love, I think we even shed a happy tear or two at the time.  Once again, I had a rush of thoughts in my mind that we should go outside the circle and peer out of the trees into the skyline.  We all did so and instantly saw the most fabulous diamond shaped star?? but massive in size on the skyline in the distance, sitting visually a few feet above the hill line on a clear sky.

As we looked, we watched it begin to move upwards, slowly and it's light increased, until it literally beamed rays of light like a large golden, and silvery light prism.  It broke into 3 sections, and made a triangle shape in the sky, which we felt was a mirror of how we had been sitting in our circle!  We were then told via my mental thoughts to wait and we watched as an absolute light show was put on for us! This massive lightship split itself into dozens and dozens of tiny lights, and zoomed around each other like fireflies. It was very beautiful, pretty and such an honour indeed.  They then after a time, reconnected to each other and became one!! rising up and suddenly BAM gone again, disappearing, leaving us all with our mouths agape and many questions!!  The most spectacular sighting I have ever witnessed to this day so far.

Since then I have not seen anything as intense again, but I have continued to feel a connection to this unseen 'family' elsewhere out there.   I have woken several times with strangle unexplained markings on my inner arms, likened to a blood test mark?  Always while strange dreams and seeing pretty scary-looking reptilian type beings on falling asleep in my room.  So not all beautiful!! interesting all the same.  Thankfully this type of encounter seems to have stopped now.

Please share your experiences with me and others.  Let's give the world our own disclosure!!!
By Penny Taylor

Spirit World Times

Established 30-11-2017

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