An Update from Penny

Once when I was only about 22 years old, I found myself redundant and having to apply to WINZ for an unemployment benefit.  I was super nervous and remember driving there saying a wee prayer, asking my spirit helpers and guides to come along with me, to help me get a nice person to deal with (for some reason I felt ashamed about going on the dole).

Anyway, I waited and got called into an office by an older Maori man named Kingi.  I thought okay he looks kind.  Whew! Kingi asked me all the usual stuff. During this I was so focused on wanting to leave, the last thing I expected was a visit from spirit!

So I'm sitting there and feel a sharp pain in my neck, then another, then a familiar day-dreamy type feeling wash over me. I can still hear the man talking and typing on his computer but in my mind, I'm saying what's going on here? In my mind’s eye I am overwhelmed visually (clairvoyance) with an impression of another man wearing a white shirt. I ask him mentally, in my mind who he was. The response I got in my head was: ”Hi I'm his friend. I died of cancer this year. You absolutely must tell him I'm here!” Oh no, awkward to say the least! I say: “That is difficult as I don't know him and I’m in an appointment.” “You have to please it's really important”.

So, I pluck up all my courage and quietly ask this kind man Kingi at WINZ, if I can ask him something personal. He says yes.  I asked him if he believed in an after-life. Kingi said: “Of course I do! I'm a bloody Maori!” comes his reply. ”What do you see girl? Tell me” and I told him about the man in the white shirt.  Suddenly tears well up in Kingi’s eyes.  “Thank you dear. That man is my best mate. He died this year and I've been asking him and praying for a sign and you've given that to me. You see, I'm dying. I have cancer too but thanks to you I’m not frightened about that anymore”.

With that, Kingi got back on his computer, typed up a few more things and said: “You won't have to come back in here again unless you need help”. I started to get my bag and say thanks. I walked out pretty stunned at what happened as I had only just started doing readings and had no confidence.  I felt very humbled.

January 9, 2018

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