Penny Taylor

Hi, my name is Penny TaylorfacebookPenny Taylor

I am a 46 year-old clairvoyant, psychic and medium.
I am currently based in Featherston, New Zealand.

My History
From the age of 19, I was in a spiritualist church development home circle for 2 years.
Then I ran an 0900 line myself for 3 years.
I then went on to do readings in person at James Smiths market for 4 years.
I had my first website in 2003 in which I did readings in person, by phone and via email.
I spent 18 years working in mental health/forensics, but always did my readings at home continuously until I had my son in 2013.
Now I am doing phone/email only until I can have people at home or in rooms away from home, when my son is older.

My Gifts
1. I actually receive information through what some my call my ‘third eye’ which occurs in my brain.  It is hard to explain in words, but I liken it to tuning into a faint crackly radio station.  Some people have the antenna for it, some do not.  Sometimes the reception is strong, sometimes it is not.  It is activated by intent, meaning I am very good at not having my antenna up all the time! I guess all the years in an intense forensics environment taught me to shut off deliberately. I would not have survived otherwise. 

2. In terms of whether I am clairvoyant (seeing), clairaudient (hearing) or clairsentient (sensing), I hate labels to be honest, but yes I am all three. Everything comes at me at once. I just slowly sift through it, take notes or make doodles. Often I feel I need too (like during a phone session). I often feel information from spirit sort of hit me in the solar plexus and lift up to my third eye.  Sometimes information is felt via the body, as spirit will give information in the way that is most easiest and suitable for them. For example, they might give me a pain in my body, say in the heart, throat or lungs affecting my breathing.  I tune into that, acknowledge it and then more information will come in the way of words, pictures, more body stuff and emotions, usually all simultaneously. I liken it to having multi-browsers open and I can flip through them at will. It can get confusing though. For example, two grandads coming in at once, can mean that I get the way they passed and their looks  mixed up.

3. In regard to astral travel, I have had many astral experiences and I find I cannot control them, but have once at will visited the spirit world in a healing type hospital setting.

4.  Do I have spirit guides? Yes, indeed I have guides.  I found my main guide through meditation and once I asked him for proof and got lots over time.  I have some non-earth guides too.

5.  Do I connect with angels? Yes, I use angels in house clearings a lot and to assist with cleaning out my own aura.

6. My definition of God: God to me is like the Prime creator on Star Trek.  The all that is the main life force in the universe, therefore we are all God too. I am God you are God just in different intensities.

7. My other gifts: I seem to have a gift connecting with extra-terrestrial beings.  I also have some healing ability that I would like to build and extend on. I am also very psychic in that I can tune into situations, in any time zone. I guess it’ s a bit like remote viewing perhaps.  A true psychic should be able to access these things, and this is done so by understanding the Akashic records.  Everything that was ever known is available to us all. It is best to have an understanding and perhaps study of divine metaphysics which people often do not. I have a friend who is an amazing medium but has little to no understanding of energy, so when I talk to her about an inter-dimensional being she doesn't understand. 

I hope this helps you to understand how I do what a do a bit better!
If you have any questions for me or you would like to book an appointment with me, please contact me through our spiritworldtimes email. 

Penny xx


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